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Some thoughts on relationships

I just added a couple of articles expressing some thoughts on matters related to relationships. The first one is about preventing and containing misunderstandings, and the second one about conceptualizing love relationships outside of the clichés.

Access is restricted to my friends, so you need to sign in to get access. If you're interested and don't have access rights yet, just sign in once and send me a message.

Feel free to comment!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, from Lapland :)

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New site is live!

After months of technical tests, I am finally launching this new version of my personal web space. My main goal is to have at my disposal an easy way to share various resources for my friends and family, and to keep some archives for myself on diverses subjects.

And of course, like most blogs, I most probably will post public comments and links more or less related to my main interests.

For now it is a bit empty... and I definitely won't promise anything on how often I intend to add content! We'll see how it goes. You may come back and check once in a while what's new, or then simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

Surtout n'hésitez pas à me donner votre avis et faire des suggestions sur le contenu, l'organisation et la mise en page de cet espace. N'oubliez pas enfin qu'il s'agit d'un site multilingue. Certains contenus seront traduits, mais d'autres ne sont disponibles que dans une seule langue ; pour les voir, vous devrez donc changer la langue courante (en haut à droite).

Please feel free to send me feedback or suggestions regarding the content, the way it is organized and the layout of these pages. Also remember that this is a multilingual site: some content is translated, but most will be posted in one language only. In that case, you need to switch the active language (upper right corner) to access it.

One tree, two trees, three trees...

Seen this morning in the nearby forest:

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Good luck, that's a BIG forest !


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